The eat, pray, drive chronicles

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A bundu bashing travel story with some food for thought.

Published: 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1479143351

A semi-serious, often tongue-in-the-cheek account of a 14,000 kilometre journey through Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Join the author and his dad as they explore the beautiful landscapes of southern Africa, confront inner demons, and always seem to be within reach of a cold one …

What the readers say:

Amazon review:
“Informative and Entertaining. The book gives a fascinating portrayal of a 4×4 journey through Southern Africa. The author is not afraid to venture opinions on everything from corrupt border guards to the apparent reticence of lions. The book will make you laugh and think, sometimes simultaneously!”Adam

Goodreads review:
“Travellers at heart will love this book. The author skilfully allows one to feel like a fly on the tent flap, rear view mirror and bar counter. The interesting encounters with locals and descriptions of the vast landscapes are thought provoking, moving and travel-dream inspiring. Venturing into an area as over populated and/or desolate as were covered by this trip into ‘deep Africa’ takes courage and know how, hence one can make notes of the tried and tested travel tips on this trip from the Western Cape, via Namibia and on to Zambia and back. I was envious on almost all the pages apart from the Beit Bridge scene. The Eat Pray Drive Chronicles were written with brilliance, sensitivity and insight.”Nosy Rosy

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