The past month has seen another round of vitriolic and unsubstantiated attacks against white South African men, especially those of the Afrikaans speaking persuasion. I blame the Oscar Pistorius trial for igniting what seems like a very one sided conversation. Damned if you raise your voice for a more balanced conversation, damned if you don’t. You’re either a silent conspirator against the truth or an overt supporter of misogyny and bigotry. » Read more »

Readers do not realise how the average quality of the content they are consuming have been degraded to such an extent that they themselves are being dumbed down. The sad truth is that 99% of what you read has been syndicated, regurgitated, summarised, cannibalised, plagiarised and fuckerised. » Read more »

While basic illiteracy covers people who cannot read or write at all, functionally illiterate people can read and write simple sentences with a limited vocabulary, but cannot read or write well enough to deal with the everyday requirements of life. More than 21% of adult Americans have been found to be functionally illiterate. » Read more »

Over the past thirty odd years there has been a rapid acceleration of convergence in the global media industry. In 1983, 90% of American media was owned by 50 companies. By 2011 the same 90% was owned by 6 conglomerates. A trend that is reflected in most countries around the world. Today Naspers is the dominant force in almost every aspect of the South African media industry. » Read more »