ZAMBIA AND ZIMBABWE: If you ever want to experience the ‘real’ Africa, there is no place like Zambia. If you have dreamed about wilderness areas so remote that you do not see people for days, with only wildlife for company, Zambia takes all the accolades. The country boasts some of Africa’s finest and most remote national parks. » Read more »

LAKE MALAWI: The art of ‘extreme chilling’, Dube the artist and Border detention. Our next destination was Monkey Bay, towards the southern end of the lake. This laid back little town is Malawi’s main port. Few tourists know about the small hidden beaches around Monkey Bay and usually head for the nearby delights of Cape Maclear. This suited us fine. We enjoy the less busy or off–the-beaten-track hideaways. » Read more »

MALAWI: Rookie errors, Exotic Wildlife, A Leprosy Horror Story and The Lord of The Rings
We came to the end of our tropical time in Mozambique. It was a memorable two weeks and it was time for us to push further north. At the same time our stomachs were filled with butterflies. We were heading to our second country on the list, Malawi.
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The Weird, the Rare and the Wonder of 70 days in Southern Africa. The purpose of our first Designing Life trip was to realise a simple but intense dream: We wanted to go on a trip during which we didn’t have to rush anywhere, didn’t have to be anywhere specific at any given time, and most importantly – a trip during which we didn’t have to worry about getting back home at a certain time. » Read more »