After the wedding (2006)

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Director: Susanna Bier

Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Sidse Babett Knudsen and Rolf Lassgård

Oscar nominated director Susanna Bier (Brothers, Things we lost in the fire, In a better world) is in charge of a slow burning drama with deep and forceful undercurrents.

Jacob (Mads Mikkelson from Casino Royale fame) has been assisting with the running of an orphanage cum school in Mumbai, India for 20 years.He lives in poor and humble surroundings, but projects an aura of belief in and commitment to his chosen life. To the extent that he has adopted a young orphan, Pramod. However the orphanage/school is on the verge of bankruptcy; cue a call from Denmark, where a wealthy businessman wants to invest in a worthy cause. Jacob reluctantly packs his (small) bag and jets off to Copenhagen to do a presentation for Jorgen, the millionaire wannabe philanthropist.But before he leaves he promises to be back for Pramod’s eighth birthday celebration.

In Copenhagen, Jacob’s discomfort in his luxuriously appointed apartment is tangible. He wants to get the presentation over and done with and get back to Mumbai. Jorgen’s got other plans though. His daughter is getting married that weekend and he suggests that Jacob attends the wedding and do his presentation on the Monday. The film suddenly picks up pace with several dramatic twists and turns when it becomes clear that Jorgen has an ulterior motive for inviting Jacob to the wedding. Some interesting points are made along the way about the way that different people deal with difficult decisions in their lives.

Scoring high marks for acting, directing, scriptwriting and cinematography, this is an intelligent and subtle drama for the movie connoisseur.
Nominated for an Oscar as best Foreign Language film in 2007